How to properly dispose of a solid state drive (SSD)

How to properly dispose of a solid state drive (SSD) photo 0

Do you have an old solid state drive simply lounging around consuming up room? Possibly you bought a low limit (and now relatively slow) SSD in the good ‘ol days and have since moved up to a greater, speedier model. On the off chance that you can’t think about an approach to re purpose your old SSD and simply need to dispose of it, cloud backup supplier Backblaze has a few tips to guarantee your data doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands.

Not at all like hard drives, Backblaze says you shouldn’t try boring openings in your resigned SSD or jabbing gaps through it with a sledge and nail. While that is a decent approach to murder a HDD, penetrating openings may just harm a couple of the NAND streak memory contributes a SSD. We’d counter that a decent beating with a mallet or key boring (through each chip) would in any case work, but point taken.

How to properly dispose of a solid state drive (SSD) photo 1
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Backblaze additionally suggests against focusing out a SSD.

“Deleting free space or reformatting a drive by revising it [with] zeroes is a compelling approach to tidy data up on a hard drive, yet less on a SSD. Truth be told, in a current refresh to its Mac Disk Utility, Apple expelled the safe eradicate include by and large since they say it isn’t important,” Backblaze says.

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Rather, Backblaze focuses to encryption as a methods for ensuring your information can’t be perused by others. By encoding and reformatting an old SSD, any old information will be well covered up.

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“On the off chance that you need to rest significantly less demanding, re-scramble the drive after the organization, then reformat once more,” Backblaze says.

You can check your SSD maker’s site for devices to help with this, as some of them give utilities equipped for this very thing.

Outside of encoding (or notwithstanding), destroying a solid state drive is the most ideal approach to cover your old data for good. There are really gadgets worked to do precisely that, however they’re entirely costly.

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