Is Justin Bieber getting a GTA V cameo?

Is Justin Bieber getting a GTA V cameo? photo 0

GTA V games have included many superstar appearances, however the amusement’s association with the rich and well known is for the most part humorous. Celebs more often than not don’t play themselves, and characters that help us to remember the rich and acclaimed are by and large in for a ribbing.

Be that as it may, that hasn’t prevented one craftsman from embedding Justin Bieber specifically into the amusement’s universe. Recently, the popstar posted a few drawings of himself to his Instagram in the style of GTA V boxart.

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The fan re-imagines Bieber as a blood-soaked skateboarder who either as of late executed somebody, or endured a terrible brush to his knee that won’t quit sobbing. Get a plaster, Biebs!

The artwork has all the earmarks of being fan-drawn. It appears to be far-fetched that Rockstar has any arrangements to end up noticeably a Belieber at any point in the near future. GTA V’s current updates are for the most part centered around multiplayer content for GTA V Online, for example, the ‘Modest Racers’ amusement mode, which touches base one week from now.

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So, Justin has as of now – yet informally – advanced beyond all detectable inhibitions world arrangement. GTA V has a sound modding group, and modders have brought his similarity into the game, giving players a chance to strut the boulevards of Los Santos in the shoes of the J-man himself.

Other VIP appearances in the arrangement have included Samuel L Jackson, Ice T and Frankie Boyle.

Rockstar keeps on updating GTA V Online consistently with new authority content. On the off chance that you haven’t checked in as of late, it could be worth hopping again into the shred.

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