Destiny 2 is coming to PC

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All things considered, we attempted to indicate as hard as possible, and now it’s been affirmed: Destiny 2 will be on PC. The not really mystery was uncovered on the Destiny site today, where the preorder choice records various versions and the PC as a selectable stage.

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That news corresponded with the overall uncover trailer, which sets up Destiny 2’s story—which is by all accounts shooting for an Empire Strikes Back kind of subject. As has been broadly anticipated/released, The Last City (which is home to the space enchantment employing gatekeepers), has been wrecked by the attacking Cabal domain.

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Driven by Ghaul, the Red Legion have pulverized every one of the players’ stuff, which makes for a convenient finish adapt reset. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for payback. The trailer fixates on two talks: an animating one by the Titan Vanguard Zavala, and the guarantee of some plunder and a lamentable downfall on the off chance that you don’t show some signs of life from Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Destiny 2 appears to be set to convey a similar unusual mix of gravitas and chitchat that was presented with The Taken King development.

“This is a fresh start for each player. We know you have inquiries concerning the universes you’ll investigate, the foes you’ll battle, the forces you’ll ace, and (as Cayde guaranteed) the plunder you’ll procure,” Bungie said. “All will be replied in the weeks and months to come. It ought to be one serious ride.”

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For the present, Bungie is concentrating on setting up the Destiny 2 story, however a gameplay uncover is set for May 18, and a beta for the individuals who pre-request is coming in the mid year. Stages weren’t specified, yet the studio said it will “approach all Guardians to give their criticism.” There’s additionally no word metion of Cross Play with the Xbox One on the Windows Store posting, which is something we’re truly seeking after.

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Destiny 2 will be accessible in different versions, extending from the $60 standard release to an eye-watering $250 gatherer’s version, and a “development pass” will be up for snatches too. Evaluating and substance of the pass haven’t been uncovered, yet in light of the picture beneath it will contain two separate DLC drops.

Enthusiasts of the first will perceive the logos utilized for the extensions. The yellow one has a place with Osiris, the secretive Warlock who’s behind the mainstream Trials of Osiris end mode, which kept running on ends of the week in the first Destiny. The other logo alludes to the Warminds, which were a system of capable AIs which ensured the close planetary system before The Traveler (that monster circle) arrived. The conspicuous proposal being that the developments will be themed around those components of the legend—which will amuse superfans.

That is each of the far off, however. To start with we have to play the construct game, which will dispatch in light of September 8. Inquire later today for a definite examination of the trailer, and meanwhile you can read our musings on what Destiny 2 needs to do with a specific end goal to be a win on the PC appropriate here.


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