Xbox one X is about to be released and Microsoft has been updating us with the Xbox one X features  including ‘intelligent delivery’ system.

The intelligent delivery system will help players to reduce the game size as 4k game requires a lot of space.
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With the Xbox one X features, the console reduces the game size by downloading only necessary data instead of downloading all the files of the games. according to the studio the feature will allow sort game data so that the player could download only the necessary data. That will help in reduce game size and time.

For example, in game like FIFA, there are a lot of languages so the players can download only the one they need instead of downloading the entire world’s language. Or if someone want to download shooting game which comes with the campaign and multiplayers mode so the player can download only the one they are playing and they can download the other modes whenever they want and can delete the previous modes.

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Additionally, Microsoft is working on multiple disc support which will support up to 15, in which some will contain important data and other will be containing additional data which players might use

Microsoft has revealed a video showing this feature will definitely saves users storage and time have a look to the video;