Running low on storage room? WD means to take care of that issue in spades with its new 12-cracking terabyte HGST Ultrastar He12 hard drive. it is proposed for big business sending yet could simply be slapped into a shopper PC (accepting you can get your hands on one).

This is WD’s fourth generation HelioSeal hard drive, which highlights helium inside. The advantage of utilizing helium is that it is substantially less thick than air, which thusly empowers the utilization of more slender plates while as yet keeping up a steady recording interface.

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The Ultrastar He12 delivers in a standard 3.5-inch case. It is accessible with either a SATA 6Gbps or SAS 12Gbps interface, both of which are Advanced Format drives.

For this generation, WD included an eight plate. That is two more than the most elevated limit air-based undertaking drive, and it’s what empowered WD to offer 12TB of storage room.

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“This extra limit accommodates expanded capacity thickness, decreasing related server farm framework required to store a given measure of information. It likewise envelops a low-control plan without trading off execution, which lessens general cost of possession. The Ultrastar He12 HDD is ideal for any application that requires enormous measures of practical stockpiling,” WD says.

WD’s new drive includes a 7,200 RPM axle and a bulky 256MB store. That converts into maintained exchange rate of 255MB/s.

There is no word on cost, however WD says the new drive has started delivering to dissemination. It is sponsored by a 5-year guarantee.