House Party, a “raunchy comedy adventure”, has been banned from steam due to reports of pornography content.

The aim of “House party” is to attend a party and seduce and fight with drunk girls. 35,000 copies are being sold in the first month and became popular on YouTube. Some of scenes are too graphics to be seen that’s why got banned until some updates.

The House party allows players to take their penis out by pressing “P” and masturbate by bashing button “1” on their keyboard.

In a blog post, designers Eek! Games said Steam had received a number of complaints about the game.

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“I understand where Steam is coming from,” it wrote.

“They are responding to an alarming societal perception of sex and nudity as something evil, even more so than murder, genocide, torture, and gore which is widely accepted and prevalent in most other video games that are offered up on Steam and many other gaming platforms.I don’t agree with Steam’s decision, but I respect it.