According to Boyd Multerer, the PC platform is “confused and forgotten”, while talking in the develop conference this year former XBOX lead engineer spoke about the current situation of processors market. And how it is changing to new platforms i.e mobiles.

Former Xbox lead engineer calls the PC a ‘forgotten and confused’ platform


the market is phones. Who cares about a couple of hundred million PCs anymore? This is about billions of phones.”

He pointed out that currently most of processors companies focused on mobility instead of traditional desktop.

If they can lower the amount of power use of that instruction by a little bit, that gives them a competitive edge against other chips. […] The phone industry says I can have 16 CPUs so that when you want to run a complicated app I can go into high power mode and I’ll have all of them working at the same time and work really fast. As soon as that app goes to the background, 14 of those CPUs get turned off and sit there drawing zero power while the next app is in front.

Traditionally chip makers have focused on making processors power efficient instead of giving good performance.And then blame developer for not optimizing their app to run efficiently.