Pricing is always a gigantic topic whenever a new game console debuts. Is it worth it? Do the components and power you’re getting actually add up to the asking price? With the current uncover of Microsoft’s Xbox One X — once Project Scorpio — those questions have come in full drive, with wrangles over the system’s $500 price tag seething relentless on web discussions and social media. Abandon it to PC World to answer the esteem question in the most ideal route conceivable: by endeavoring to manufacture a 4K-competent gaming PC at the cost of a Xbox One X. Here’s the means by which it went down.

The site did two test assembles in light of perfect parts that all signify a PC fit for 4K gaming at 30 fps(much of the time). There’s no representing advancement of each individual game, and any PC gamer will reveal to you that a few games just come up short in terms of performance, however the idea here is extremely strong.

The two builds — one AMD-based, and another Intel-based — feature 8 GB of memory, higher-end Radeon graphics cards, 1 TB hard drives, and UHD Blu-ray disc drives. That last visual cue is likely the most vital, on the grounds that present day gaming PCs don’t generally require disc drives of any sort now that games dispatch completely digitally by means of Steam and different marketplaces. That being stated, in case we’re going for equality with the Xbox One X, it must be incorporated.

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The last costs were $652 and $818, and those are for bare-bones components without assembly, which you’d need to do yourself.It would seem the Xbox One X conveniently wins, yet as the author of the piece calls attention to, these costs are probably going to plunge in any event to some degree amongst now and the dispatch of the Xbox One X not long from now. That being stated, it’s far-fetched a sub-$500 4K gaming rig will be possible in 2017, which scores no less than a couple of points for Microsoft.