AMD is perched on a generally high volume of RX 460 graphics cards, which will soon be moved up to the Radeon RX 560D. AMD intends to give out renaming them to Radeon RX 560D with packaging and another altered BIOS, so the new designs card will feature another name for the inclusion in RX 500 series.

AMD to launch Radeon RX 560D with 896 Stream Processors

This Rebranding choice just be advertised in the Chinese market, where the Cybercafes will enjoy these new Graphics cards.

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As pointed out by MyDrivers the RX 560D will consume 50% less power than RX560. Which would make it a better choice for mining. The Radeon RX 560D will offer the same specifications as the RX 460: 896 Stream Processors, 56 TMUs and 16 ROPs, although probably at a slightly higher speed than the 1090/1200 MHz of this reference model. The Radeon RX 560 offers 1024 Stream Processors, 64 TMUs and 16 ROPs at a Base/Turbo frequency of 1175/1275 MHz.

Via :videocardz